Hey all,

today there will be some updates focusing mainly on bugfixes and quality of life improvements across all game modes.

These changes are now live.

Mythic Survival v1.6.1
  • Fixed a bug causing players to always cap at their special item loot increase. Loot boost is now handled correctly once again, with normal players capping at 50%, VIP at 100%, MASTER at 250% and ELITE at 400%.
  • Bounty & Loot Boost are now displayed in the score board.
  • Some sources of special items now have a minimum rarity applied to them, as opposed to a flat rarity increase. This includes but isn't limited to bosses and loot boxes. See the end of this post for details.
  • Herobrine's Sword no longer has the "Sweeping Edge V" enchantment applied to it, as it became useless in v1.6.0 (this only affects newly looted copies of the item, previous ones will remain unchanged)
Dungeons v1.6.2
  • The shop now includes all dyed variants of wool, which were previously uncraftable.
  • The scoreboard has been adapted to be in line with that of the other game modes, now also displaying honor and credits.
  • The /help menu has been tweaked a little, to better separate attack commands from building commands.
  • The help manual has been changed to correctly reflect the changes made in v1.6.0, specifically those related to trophies.
  • Player heads are now a premium-only feature.
General Changes
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the scoreboard to flicker occasionally when changes to honor or credits would happen.
  • Revamped the scoreboard look to occupy less screen space and be more readable.
  • All store items can now be accessed in-game via a gui, by using the /store command. Note that this will only list items relevant to the...
It's finally happening, I have internet now!

No longer will I have to hold myself back from smashing my technology because my mobile internet decided to stop working!

And the best part: Now I'm finally able to pour all my heart into the servers once again, with regular updates & all that jazz. Stay tuned!
Hey all,

just a quick update to let you know that the HCMCPVP Store is now fully functional!

That means you can buy credits, and yes, there is a 70% bonus on select offers until February 14th! :)

Thank you all for keeping HCMCPVP alive!
Hey all,

today the HCMCPVP Store is finally open again! Well, sort of.

It is fully functional for the most part, as you can select your Minecraft account and browse the various listing, but a couple things aren't quite ready yet:

Premium Memberships

There will be a new way of buying Premium Memberships (both temporary and permanent ones), in the way that they will be purchased using credits. I'm also planning to add a few more perks here and there to make them worth your while, so as of right now, they can not be obtained.

Buying Credits

This is currently only dependant on the company handling the payments. While the "Buy Credits" button exists and the system handling the payments is fully functional, they appear to be having some technical difficulties right now in terms of actually enabling the shop.

This is what I was told:
Basically what that means is, the button will be working at some point, if you keep clicking it hard enough ;)

Now, what's changed?

Comparing the new store to the old one, you can see that some things have changed a little bit.
  • No more website account linking! Just pop in your username and you're done, yay!
  • The store is only for buying credits. Everything else is handled via in-game commands that will automatically spend the credits for you. (not that this is such a big change, previously you would buy the item on the website, and then use a command; this just cuts out one click)
  • Premium Memberships are (or at least: they will be) able to be purchased using credits!
So to summarize: If you choose to spend money on HCMCPVP, you will only ever be spending it on credits, nothing else.

If you don't want to spend money on HCMCPVP (which is completely fine btw!), but still want those perks, there's...
Hey all,

the time has finally come to revert Mythic Survival back to how Minecraft was in 2015. This update is going to apply the changes outlined in the Return to 2015 post, as well as make some changes to special items to make sure they are in line with the new (old) combat system.

In addition to the changes for Mythic Survival, there will be some other quality of life changes coming to HCMCPVP, to get ready for the reopening of the shop, which will be very soon I hope! (more on that at the end of the post)

These changes are now live.

Special Items

The following changes will be made to special items:
  • Shield of Valhalla: Will be removed.
  • Elytra: Will be removed. Vanilla versions of the item will become defunct.
  • Totem of Undying: Removed.
  • Rocky's Rock-Hard Chestplate: New legendary chestplate. Protection X, Unbreaking X diamond chestplate, gives you permanent resistance whilst equipped.
  • Herobrine's Sword & Voidforged Bow: No longer unbreakable. Instead, they will have Unbreaking V.
  • Magic Stew: New uncommon consumable item. Instantly restores 2 hearts. Can be crafted using a bowl, a mushroom (doesn't matter if red or grey), and a gold ingot. Can also be looted from chests & mobs, just like any other item.
  • Mystic Scrambler: Now reads "drag any legendary item on top of this while it is in your inventory to convert it into another legendary item".
Existing copies of Shield of Valhalla will automatically transform to Rocky's Rock-Hard Chestplate if clicked in your inventory. Likewise, existing Herobrine Swords,...
Hey all,

Update: I couldn't do it on January 9th, due to unforeseen technical issues (read: I thought I was getting Internet yesterday, but didn't). I'm going to perform said update later, probably after Jan 15th. I will keep you posted.

I will be doing some important work on the machine the servers and the website are running on very soon. Therefore, the website and servers will likely be inaccessible for quite some time (I'm expecting it to be around 4 hours).

I will keep you all updated via Discord once the website is down. The honor reset will very likely happen shortly after that.

Hey all,

2018 is here and it's finally happening! The update you've all been waiting for is right around the corner: The Trophies Update!

There are going to be many changes & additions in this update, including the way Dungeons as a whole works. Bear with me as this list is going to be a bit longer than expected!

These changes are now live.

Trophies: A New Way of Matchmaking

Trophies are the new way of ranking Dungeons (as opposed to player level). Here's how they work:
  • Everyone starts with 0 trophies.
  • Successful attacks & defenses yield any amount between 1-100 trophies.
  • Losses on attack & defense deduct that same amount from your total trophies.*
  • When searching for dungeons using /attack, the system tries to show you other dungeons close to your trophy amount.
  • Dungeons in the /attack list are now sorted, based on how close they are to your trophy count. Note that they are NOT sorted based on how many trophies they could give you!
  • You can not find any dungeons that have more than 500 trophies more or less than you.
  • The standard trophy exchange amount for players of equal trophy count is 50.
  • You can not fall below 0 trophies.
  • Trophies are not reset and the end of the month (as opposed to honor).
*special rules apply if a player is below 500 total trophies, they will lose a bit less than the winner gains. This is the way trophies are introduced to the system.

Return to 2015 Combat Update

Dungeons v1.6.0 brings back the old Minecraft 1.8 combat mechanics, as was announced in the Return to 2015 news post. These are the changes that will apply to Dungeons:
  • Weapon cooldown will be removed
  • Right-clicking with a sword will automatically add a shield to your off-hand*
  • Blocking with a shield will no longer block arrows...
Hey all,

just a quick message to let you know that you can now connect to all HCMCPVP servers using 1.12.2 clients. You can still connect with any other version prior to 1.12.2 as well (such as 1.8).

This will be my last post in 2017, so you all have a great New Year's!

See you in 2018 :)
Hey all,

the new version of Mythic Survival is upon us. This update brings a few changes & additions to special items, as well as some minor modifications.

These changes are now live.

Special Items

The following special items have been added:
  • Spellbook (Monstrosity): Transforms you into a random monster (zombie, villager zombie, skeleton, husk or stray) and removes all aggro on cast. Other monsters will not attack you while disguised unless you attack them first. Bosses & other monsters with custom names cannot be fooled by this.
  • Spellbook (Polymoprh): Transforms all nearby monsters into chickens. Does not work on custom named monsters.
  • Spellbook (Spiritwalk): Makes you switch into spectator mode for a short time during which you can possess other players, and you leave a faint green smoke trail visible to others. If they teleport, it drags you with them. During spiritwalk, you cannot set any warps (including /sethome), teleport anywhere or let anyone else teleport to you. At the end of spiritwalk, you die.
  • Totem of Safekeeping: Lets you keep your entire inventory upon death. Cannot be obtained as of right now, but will be obtainable in the near future.
The following changes have been made to existing special items:
  • All Spellbooks: Are no longer named 'Spellbook', but are now called 'Spellbook (Spellname)'. This may break existing spellbooks from functioning, so if you have any original spellbooks left, please put them in a chest and open a Support Ticket with the chest's coordinates, and I will replace them.
  • Tracker: Removed. Existing trackers will automatically be converted into Spiritwalk Spellbooks if clicked in the inventory.
  • Spellstone:...
Hey all,

2018 is almost upon us and with it, I will start to bring you the good old HCMCPVP just like it was in 2015.

Part of that is reverting the combat system back to how it was in Minecraft 1.8. There are many reasons that lead me to make this decision, but the most important ones were simplicity and compatibility.

As you might know, you can connect to HCMCPVP with almost any Minecraft version on your end. However, pre-1.9 versions don't have built in support for the new combat mechanics, and players who aren't used to that sort of stuff will always have a natural disadvantage in PvP.

In regards to simplicity, it's fairly obvious. Not having to keep track of your hit cooldowns (& other mechanics) will remove a big layer of complexity from combat, and make it a little easier for newer players (both to the servers and to Minecraft) to engage in PvP. It also saves you from those annoying situations where you miss a single hit and lose out on a whole bunch of damage because you need to wait for your cooldown to be up again, which is especially annoying if you're on 1.8 and don't know when your cooldown will be up again.

Now, what exactly is going to change?
In order to make newer Minecraft versions compatible with the old combat system, the following changes will be made to all servers (excluding the hub), starting with Dungeons in early 2018:
  • Weapon cooldown will be removed
  • Right-clicking with a sword will automatically add a shield to your off-hand
  • Blocking with a shield will no longer block arrows
  • Shields can no longer be crafted or otherwise be obtained in-game
  • Swords can no longer sweep
  • Fishing rods will regain their old abilities from 1.8
  • Armor attributes will be reverted to 1.8
  • Snowballs, eggs & enderpearls will regain their knockback
  • Projectile trajectories will no longer be random
In order to make survival-like game modes more compatible with 1.8 clients, the following additional...