Hey all,

just a quick message to let you know that you can now connect to all HCMCPVP servers using 1.12.2 clients. You can still connect with any other version prior to 1.12.2 as well (such as 1.8).

This will be my last post in 2017, so you all have a great New Year's!

See you in 2018 :)
Hey all,

the new version of Mythic Survival is upon us. This update brings a few changes & additions to special items, as well as some minor modifications.

These changes are now live.

Special Items

The following special items have been added:
  • Spellbook (Monstrosity): Transforms you into a random monster (zombie, villager zombie, skeleton, husk or stray) and removes all aggro on cast. Other monsters will not attack you while disguised unless you attack them first. Bosses & other monsters with custom names cannot be fooled by this.
  • Spellbook (Polymoprh): Transforms all nearby monsters into chickens. Does not work on custom named monsters.
  • Spellbook (Spiritwalk): Makes you switch into spectator mode for a short time during which you can possess other players, and you leave a faint green smoke trail visible to others. If they teleport, it drags you with them. During spiritwalk, you cannot set any warps (including /sethome), teleport anywhere or let anyone else teleport to you. At the end of spiritwalk, you die.
  • Totem of Safekeeping: Lets you keep your entire inventory upon death. Cannot be obtained as of right now, but will be obtainable in the near future.
The following changes have been made to existing special items:
  • All Spellbooks: Are no longer named 'Spellbook', but are now called 'Spellbook (Spellname)'. This may break existing spellbooks from functioning, so if you have any original spellbooks left, please put them in a chest and open a Support Ticket with the chest's coordinates, and I will replace them.
  • Tracker: Removed. Existing trackers will automatically be converted into Spiritwalk Spellbooks if clicked in the inventory.
  • Spellstone:...
Hey all,

2018 is almost upon us and with it, I will start to bring you the good old HCMCPVP just like it was in 2015.

Part of that is reverting the combat system back to how it was in Minecraft 1.8. There are many reasons that lead me to make this decision, but the most important ones were simplicity and compatibility.

As you might know, you can connect to HCMCPVP with almost any Minecraft version on your end. However, pre-1.9 versions don't have built in support for the new combat mechanics, and players who aren't used to that sort of stuff will always have a natural disadvantage in PvP.

In regards to simplicity, it's fairly obvious. Not having to keep track of your hit cooldowns (& other mechanics) will remove a big layer of complexity from combat, and make it a little easier for newer players (both to the servers and to Minecraft) to engage in PvP. It also saves you from those annoying situations where you miss a single hit and lose out on a whole bunch of damage because you need to wait for your cooldown to be up again, which is especially annoying if you're on 1.8 and don't know when your cooldown will be up again.

Now, what exactly is going to change?
In order to make newer Minecraft versions compatible with the old combat system, the following changes will be made to all servers (excluding the hub), starting with Dungeons in early 2018:
  • Weapon cooldown will be removed
  • Right-clicking with a sword will automatically add a shield to your off-hand
  • Blocking with a shield will no longer block arrows
  • Shields can no longer be crafted or otherwise be obtained in-game
  • Swords can no longer sweep
  • Fishing rods will regain their old abilities from 1.8
  • Armor attributes will be reverted to 1.8
  • Snowballs, eggs & enderpearls will regain their knockback
  • Projectile trajectories will no longer be random
In order to make survival-like game modes more compatible with 1.8 clients, the following additional...
Hey all,

as you know, I haven't been able to properly do the Honor Reset in a long time due to various circumstances.

To compensate you for that, I will be doing a special New Year's Honor Reset on January 8th. Many players are going to get their well deserved Premium Memberships, and here's how it'll go down:
  • Top 1 player: 3 months of ELITE (previously ULTIMATE+)
  • Top 2-10 players: 3 months of MASTER
  • Top 11-30 players: 3 months of VIP
Be aware that after this Honor Reset, all future Honor Resets will be automatic (yaaay, no more delays!), but only the top 3 players will be awarded a 1 month Premium Membership, with no. 1 getting ELITE, no. 2 getting MASTER and no. 3 getting VIP.

The Store is very likely also going to open around that time, and we will celebrate the new year and the Store reopening with a MASSIVE 70% off on all items (including Premium Memberships!).

Finally, I've got one last bit of good news for you: Lifetime Memberships are here to stay, and will be purchased using credits. This means that you can benefit from the huge discounts when buying credits in bulk! (which will be even huger during the sale!!)

I hope you all have enjoyed playing on HCMCPVP in 2017 and are looking forward to continue your journey in 2018, with the grand opening of Warfronts and the massively epic reopening of Epidemic (probably in Spring/Summer!)

I'll be back with more news regarding the Mythic Survival update around this weekend.

Happy Holidays all!
Hey all,

just a quick post to inform you that this week there will be several updates to the server, to bring all games to 1.12.2, and to update the server proxy.

You may experience short downtime (no longer than 10 minutes) at times, so don't be alarmed.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Hey all!

So, what started as a simple Credit Store revamp turned into a whole WEBSITE revamp. I've actually been planning to do this a long time but never got the time or energy to follow through with it, until now. Being away from all my proper equipment for so long got me overflowing with energy, so this happened.

Coming from the old website and being used to how it works, there are certainly going to be a few things that'll seem confusing to you at first, so in this post I'll try my best to explain to you how things work around here, and how to properly navigate this new website.

What's new?
  • Players who joined HCMCPVP before its initial shutdown in 2015 no longer have a free VIP membership. Instead, they have been awarded the 'Legacy Member' status, which comes with its very own benefits. In-game, you will still benefit from everything a VIP player would, but your name is light blue instead of green. On the website, you also have a banner underneath your profile indicating your Legacy status.
  • Discord integration with the website (on the main page).
  • Legacy Forums containing every single post made by you before the initial shutdown of HCMCPVP in 2015. Those forums are only accessible by Legacy Members.
What's changed?
  • The Support & Player Report forums have been removed. Instead, those inquiries will be handled in a 1-on-1 conversation with me and future staff members (read: anyone who wants to help me out) using the new Support Ticket system. You can access said system in the top navigation bar, and it is even available for unregistered users!
  • The forums and main website have now been fully merged. This is particularly obvious when looking at the new home page as it now not only displays the subject lines of the news posts, but the entire news post itself. This makes for a much more seamless integration and easier navigation.
  • Premium Memberships are no longer a recurring subscription, but can be...
Hey all,

I'll be back in Germany from Dec. 27th to Jan. 8th, which means I'll have access to my proper equipment & Internet. During that time I'm planning to roll out an update to Mythic Survival, as it seems to be the most popular game mode right now.

Release date isn't set in stone yet, but I'm planning to get it out between Christmas and New Year. As always, proposed changes are not final and are subject to revision before final release.

Special Item Changes & New Items

Tracker: Will be replaced by a new legendary Spellbook labelled 'Spiritwalk', which lets you swap into spectator mode for a short amount of time and possess other players (slip into them, not control them). While in spectator mode, you cannot teleport (you cannot warp either), but if the player you are possessing teleports, it'll drag you with them. Upgrading the spell will give you more time in spectator mode. Players in spectator mode are not completely invisible, but leave a faint smoke trail to make it possible to spot for other players. You can always return to normal form by typing /return

Illusion: This Spellbook will be moved to 'epic' rarity as opposed to legendary.

Monstrosity: New common Spellbook that lets you assume the appearance of a random monster (Skeleton, Husk, Zombie or Stray) for a short amount of time. This prevent monsters from attacking you unless you attack them first, and will reset monsters who are currently attacking you. Upgrading this spell will increase the disguise duration.

Polymorph: New rare Spellbook that transforms all nearby monsters into chickens. Does not work on named entities, such as pets and bosses. Upgrading this spell increases its radius.

Totem of Safekeeping: New Mythic rarity item that lets you keep your entire inventory upon death, but is destroyed when it's used (i.e. when you die). There will be no way to obtain this item at first, as that will be added...
Hey all,

so I know I've been absent for the past couple weeks and I feel I should explain why.

At the beginning of October I moved to the UK to study Computer Science, and while that in it of itself isn't the cause of my absence, I have been met with a combination of being sick due to weather, to having really crappy internet and not being able to work on the plugins (I wasn't even able to download the source code!).

However, I'm hoping this will all change soon, since I'm about to move again (within the UK) to a new apartment this coming Saturday. I don't know how long it'll take me to get everything up and running, but I'll try my best and hurry it up.

For those of you who are still around and are eager for some new features, I do have something for you (kinda). While I haven't been able to work on anything server related recently, I did start working on a new project I think will blow everyone's minds, especially if you like the 'Dungeons' game mode.

It's not quite ready to be presented yet, but it will be very soon. Expect something around December 10th, and maybe (but this is a BIG maybe) I can come up with something you can get your hands on before Christmas!

Thanks for sticking around everyone!


Before I go, here are some questions I'll answer real quick:

Q: What about the "BIGGEST Dungeons Update"? Is it gonna come out, like, ever?
A: I was planning to start working on it in September and have it ready by the beginning of October, but we all know how that turned out. I was hit by acute appendicitis and had to undergo surgery, which messed with my plans a lot. Since I don't have access to my plugins here because of garbage net, I couldn't work on it AT ALL :( I do plan on improving Dungeons, but it probably won't be that BIG update I was looking for. It will mostly be some quality of life changes & shop improvements (slime blocks, anyone?), but other than that the game mode will very likely be finished for now.

Q: So, is...
Hey everyone,

I moved to the UK on September 27th, and have since had my time to settle in. This means, that I will finally be able to properly work on the servers again, after about a month of absence! (apologies for that btw)

In this post, I'll talk about a number of things, including a new game mode coming to HCMCPVP, so keep reading!

Dungeons Update
The big Dungeons update has been moved until after the release of the new game mode (read below), so I don't have too many things going on at once. I will still proceed to make smaller changes to Dungeons here and there (based on your feedback), but the big stuff will be coming a bit later.

Royal Arena
Due to the low interest in Royal Arena (and player base), I will be cutting the game mode indefinitely. That's not to say it won't come back at all, but I'll wait until there are more players first.

New Game Mode: Expedition
This will be HCMCPVP's new main survival game mode. In Expedition, players wake up in a spaceship after years of travelling through the universe and are forced to land in a completely different solar system, on planets with hostile attributes. You will need to search for supplies, and dodge other players trying to survive. It's kill or be killed in this new survival mode.

Over time, players will advance to other planets, gather more resources, and perhaps even form alliances, all while figuring out why the planets they are visiting are absent from any life.

It will be survival + pvp + a little bit of roleplay mixed in for the story.

I will be making another post in the near future, going into more details about the mode.

Mythic Survival
Expedition will replace Mythic Survival as the new main survival game mode. Mythic Survival is not going to be shut down, but it will remain as a legacy game mode you can access via a smaller portal in the hub. It will also not receive any more updates other than bugfixes and balancing, so...
Hey everyone,

the Honor reset has commenced, albeit 1 day later than planned.

I also have some important news regarding the Dungeons update, and other future updates. I have been in the hospital for the past few days because I had to get my appendix removed, which was trying to kill me. Filthy little organ.

Everything's fine now though, however, that put my plans behind a lot. Since I will be relatively busy with life stuff starting October, trying to release the update in one go would take too long in my opinion, so instead of dropping all the new content at once, I will be releasing the features one by one, starting with the small addition of slime blocks coming within the next few weeks.

I'll let you know once I have the dates!