Hey everyone,

the Honor reset schedule will change from now on, instead of the 1st of each month, it will now commence on the 15th of each month.

The reason for that is that in the coming time, I will likely be busy during the beginnings of the months, and this should allow me to continue business as usual.

Premium memberships will still be handed out for 1 full month.
September 22nd is going to mark the end of the Summer of Dungeons, when Dungeons will finally exit its beta phase and transform into its final version.

The end of the Summer of Dungeons is also going to mark the end of the lifetime Premium Membership purchases, so if you haven't gotten one yet, now is the time!

Dungeons v2.0

Dungeons v2.0 is going to bring a lot of additions & changes to the board. Below you will find the most important for now, but please note that this list can be expanded at any time before the actual release date. (September 22nd)


Dungeons v2.0 is going to introduce a new matchmaking system. Instead of matching you with players of a similar level, you will be matched with players of a similar Trophy count. Trophies can be gained by successfully attacking or defending against other players. You can get 1-60 Trophies per attack or defense, and your opponent will lose an equal amount (exceptions apply, read below).

The amount of Trophies you have will place you into a League, which grants you special bonuses to your dungeon. Read on for more information.

Leagues, Changes to Attack Cost & Daily Gold Bonus

The new version of Dungeons will introduce a League system. Based on how many Trophies you have at any given point in time, you will be placed into a League. While it is possible to advance to a higher League, you can also fall into a lower League by losing too many defenses or attacks, so keep those Trophies coming!

New Feature: Depending on your League, you will unlock certain items in the shop. Beginner League players will only have access to a limited number of building materials & minions to put into their dungeon, and as they progress, they will get access to a bigger array of materials, including redstone mechanics & other features. The exact specifications of when you will...
These changes are now live.

  • Reworked spectator mode in attacks: When attacking a level 3 or higher dungeon, you will no longer start in spectator mode, but instead have the ability to switch between attack mode and spectator mode as you please. This function has a 10 second cooldown after getting hit (to avoid switching while in combat), and when switching back to attack mode, players will be teleported to the location they've been in when they went to spectator mode.
  • Friendly battles: Regardless of your shield status, you can now invite other players to attack your dungeon by typing /challenge <name>. The player you challenged will be able to attack your dungeon at no cost (but also for no loot), by simply typing /challenge. Defenders can spectate using /s as usual and no gold will be exchanged in friendly battles. Other than that, it works like any other attack.
  • Levels: Instead of scaling from 1-40, levels will now scale from 1-30. This will make lower levels last a little longer than they do right now, and allow more players to find each other in the /attack menu before having their search results reduced due to their level. You will still only be able to find players within a 5 level range.
  • Shields you get from losing defenses will now last 4 hours instead of 1 hour. Purchasable shields for longer periods of time will be added to the credit store.

These changes aim at making the gameplay at higher levels less challenging for attackers and defenders alike, by providing attackers with a more dynamic spectator mode, instead of forcing them to remember the entire dungeon's mechanics in one go. Furthermore, defenders will be able to safely test their traps on other players, without the risk of losing gold by inviting them to attack.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.
The playing field is now even again as all honor has been reset.

Also, congratulations to Smellypizza for receiving 1 month of free Ultimate+!

The new season has started, so do your best to gain a lot of honor: Vote daily & play a lot, so you too can receive a premium membership for next month!
It is this time of the month again.

The Honor Reset will take place on July 31st, 8pm server time. At that time, all honor will be set back to 0, and players start from scratch. Your top-honor stat will be updated and top players will receive their free 1 month Premium Membership.

Together with the Honor Reset, Mythic Survival's old world will be removed, and it will no longer be accessible by warps. If you don't know what the 'old world' is, and if you haven't received a chat message informing you about a world removal, you have nothing to worry about and your supplies will be safe.

The removal of the old world from Mythic Survival will finally pave the way for a new, but optional, world for Mythic Survival. More on that soon!
These changes are now live.

The Force of Earth

Players have fought the forces of nature: The endless rage & the chaotic storm. After that, players turned their eyes on the malicious spirits of nature, defeating many corrupted wisps in the world.

Now it is time for players to move forward in their quest for answers, and confront their newest opponent: The Warden of Earth.

New Boss: The Warden of Earth

The Warden of Earth is a boss unlike anything you've ever seen before. He will knock you around and make sure to keep you at bay, whilst sending out his Earthlings to deal with you.

Players must dodge the path of the earthlings, similar to the Wisp's summoning spell, or else a whole battalion of worms will spawn around the players and consume them whole. Stay close to the Warden, since he is invulnerable to arrows, but mind your distance when he's preparing his Earthquake!

In Phase 2, the Warden will channel all of his energy into his quake spell, which will pull players towards him and cause gigantic explosions.

Upon death, the Warden will drop a number of special items, as well as the leggings Earth's Final Stand, which will grant the wearer immunity to Wither, Poison & ticking Fire damage, as well as any kind of knockback.

New Monster: Earth Guard

These monsters appear in Mesa biomes from time to time, and will drop the Mythic item that allows you to summon the Warden of Earth. The spawn rate is limited to one Earth Guard per hour, but they have a name tag that's visible through walls, so make sure to look for it when you are in a Mesa.

New Mythic Item: Earth's Final Stand

The item that's dropped by the Warden of Earth. These are Protection X Diamond Leggings that grant the wearer immunity to Poison, Fire & Wither as well as any kind of knockback. These leggings are unbreakable and cannot be traded....
These changes are now live.

  • Update to 1.12: The game mode will be updated to 1.12 (finally). A few notes about this update: The update was hindered up until this point due to a developer not updating their world generation plugin (the one responsible for the crazy world). I have taken it upon myself to update it now. This may cause certain areas of the world to look weird, particularly intersections where chunks were generated in 1.11. This does not affect the generation of new chunks, and everything should work as normal.
  • Mob Essence Extractors are now Mob Spawners, and their description has been changed appropriately. You can change the mobs they spawn by right-clicking them with a mob egg.
  • New credit store items: Players will be able to purchase all mythic items in the credit store.
  • The rarity of special items has been changed significantly. Right now, we're still experimenting with this, so it might be a little weird at the beginning.
  • Regular loot boxes now have a much higher chance of dropping a legendary item.
  • Mythic items in the /items listing now indicate that they're boss loot.
  • Loot boxes are now placed on wool to make them more visible at spawn.
  • The messages that show when a player puts down a loot box are now colored, to make them more obvious.

This will be part 1 of a 2-part update, the second part bringing a new boss and more functionality. Stay tuned for more!

Note that even due to the update, players with versions 1.8+ can still connect and play, however playing on the latest version is highly recommended.
These changes are now live.

  • Gold Tokens now add 3,000 gold to your account as opposed to 1,000. Their credit store price remains the same.
  • Building & Premium materials now cost gold again. Other items (combat & redstone) now once again have reduced gold cost.
  • Players can no longer place regular stone or any variations of it (will be changed in the future).
  • Players now have their dungeon stats as a scoreboard. This includes gold, defenses won & defenses lost. The two defense stats reset every time a player successfully uses /publish
  • Dungeons in /attack now display a clearance rate, or "NEW" in case of a recently published dungeon.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!
Hey everyone!

It's the summer of Dungeons, and what better way to celebrate it than with LIFETIME Premium Memberships!?

That's right, for a limited time only you will be able to purchase LIFETIME Premium Memberships for HCMCPVP at a heavily discounted price!

The deal will only be valid for this summer, so get it while you can!
These changes are now live.

  • Evokers will now be able to properly summon Vexes.
  • When trying to purchase an item in the shop for which you don't have enough gold, the window will now be closed to make the chat message more obvious.
  • Spiders and Cave Spiders will be added to the combat shop. Spiders will cost the same as Zombies, and Cave Spiders will cost the same as Strays.
  • Shulkers will be added to the combat shop and will cost twice as much as Blazes.
  • Guardians will be added to the combat shop and will cost as much as Shulkers.
  • Depth Strider leather boots will be added to the battle shop, as an optional purchase.
  • Bookshelves and Lapis Lazuli will be moved from the premium shop to the combat shop and will cost some money.
  • Enchantment tables will be added to the combat shop.
  • Mobs in dungeons will no longer be able to hurt each other using arrows or Evoker fangs. Potions (e.g. from Witches) will still work however.

These changes should make mobs a more viable option for Dungeon Masters, as the risk to having your mobs kill each other instead of the attacker will be minimized. The new water options should also add a little more versatility to dungeons, as water dungeons will now be realizable. The enchantment table will allow players to enchant their mobs' armor, and make them even more viable in combat.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!