The playing field is now even again as all honor has been reset.

Also, congratulations to Smellypizza for receiving 1 month of free Ultimate+!

The new season has started, so do your best to gain a lot of honor: Vote daily & play a lot, so you too can receive a premium membership for next month!
It is this time of the month again.

The Honor Reset will take place on July 31st, 8pm server time. At that time, all honor will be set back to 0, and players start from scratch. Your top-honor stat will be updated and top players will receive their free 1 month Premium Membership.

Together with the Honor Reset, Mythic Survival's old world will be removed, and it will no longer be accessible by warps. If you don't know what the 'old world' is, and if you haven't received a chat message informing you about a world removal, you have nothing to worry about and your supplies will be safe.

The removal of the old world from Mythic Survival will finally pave the way for a new, but optional, world for Mythic Survival. More on that soon!
These changes are now live.

The Force of Earth

Players have fought the forces of nature: The endless rage & the chaotic storm. After that, players turned their eyes on the malicious spirits of nature, defeating many corrupted wisps in the world.

Now it is time for players to move forward in their quest for answers, and confront their newest opponent: The Warden of Earth.

New Boss: The Warden of Earth

The Warden of Earth is a boss unlike anything you've ever seen before. He will knock you around and make sure to keep you at bay, whilst sending out his Earthlings to deal with you.

Players must dodge the path of the earthlings, similar to the Wisp's summoning spell, or else a whole battalion of worms will spawn around the players and consume them whole. Stay close to the Warden, since he is invulnerable to arrows, but mind your distance when he's preparing his Earthquake!

In Phase 2, the Warden will channel all of his energy into his quake spell, which will pull players towards him and cause gigantic explosions.

Upon death, the Warden will drop a number of special items, as well as the leggings Earth's Final Stand, which will grant the wearer immunity to Wither, Poison & ticking Fire damage, as well as any kind of knockback.

New Monster: Earth Guard

These monsters appear in Mesa biomes from time to time, and will drop the Mythic item that allows you to summon the Warden of Earth. The spawn rate is limited to one Earth Guard per hour, but they have a name tag that's visible through walls, so make sure to look for it when you are in a Mesa.

New Mythic Item: Earth's Final Stand

The item that's dropped by the Warden of Earth. These are Protection X Diamond Leggings that grant the wearer immunity to Poison, Fire & Wither as well as any kind of knockback. These leggings are unbreakable and cannot be traded....
These changes are now live.

  • Update to 1.12: The game mode will be updated to 1.12 (finally). A few notes about this update: The update was hindered up until this point due to a developer not updating their world generation plugin (the one responsible for the crazy world). I have taken it upon myself to update it now. This may cause certain areas of the world to look weird, particularly intersections where chunks were generated in 1.11. This does not affect the generation of new chunks, and everything should work as normal.
  • Mob Essence Extractors are now Mob Spawners, and their description has been changed appropriately. You can change the mobs they spawn by right-clicking them with a mob egg.
  • New credit store items: Players will be able to purchase all mythic items in the credit store.
  • The rarity of special items has been changed significantly. Right now, we're still experimenting with this, so it might be a little weird at the beginning.
  • Regular loot boxes now have a much higher chance of dropping a legendary item.
  • Mythic items in the /items listing now indicate that they're boss loot.
  • Loot boxes are now placed on wool to make them more visible at spawn.
  • The messages that show when a player puts down a loot box are now colored, to make them more obvious.

This will be part 1 of a 2-part update, the second part bringing a new boss and more functionality. Stay tuned for more!

Note that even due to the update, players with versions 1.8+ can still connect and play, however playing on the latest version is highly recommended.
These changes are now live.

  • Gold Tokens now add 3,000 gold to your account as opposed to 1,000. Their credit store price remains the same.
  • Building & Premium materials now cost gold again. Other items (combat & redstone) now once again have reduced gold cost.
  • Players can no longer place regular stone or any variations of it (will be changed in the future).
  • Players now have their dungeon stats as a scoreboard. This includes gold, defenses won & defenses lost. The two defense stats reset every time a player successfully uses /publish
  • Dungeons in /attack now display a clearance rate, or "NEW" in case of a recently published dungeon.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!
Hey everyone!

It's the summer of Dungeons, and what better way to celebrate it than with LIFETIME Premium Memberships!?

That's right, for a limited time only you will be able to purchase LIFETIME Premium Memberships for HCMCPVP at a heavily discounted price!

The deal will only be valid for this summer, so get it while you can!
These changes are now live.

  • Evokers will now be able to properly summon Vexes.
  • When trying to purchase an item in the shop for which you don't have enough gold, the window will now be closed to make the chat message more obvious.
  • Spiders and Cave Spiders will be added to the combat shop. Spiders will cost the same as Zombies, and Cave Spiders will cost the same as Strays.
  • Shulkers will be added to the combat shop and will cost twice as much as Blazes.
  • Guardians will be added to the combat shop and will cost as much as Shulkers.
  • Depth Strider leather boots will be added to the battle shop, as an optional purchase.
  • Bookshelves and Lapis Lazuli will be moved from the premium shop to the combat shop and will cost some money.
  • Enchantment tables will be added to the combat shop.
  • Mobs in dungeons will no longer be able to hurt each other using arrows or Evoker fangs. Potions (e.g. from Witches) will still work however.

These changes should make mobs a more viable option for Dungeon Masters, as the risk to having your mobs kill each other instead of the attacker will be minimized. The new water options should also add a little more versatility to dungeons, as water dungeons will now be realizable. The enchantment table will allow players to enchant their mobs' armor, and make them even more viable in combat.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!
These changes are now live.

As you may know, the last update removed the Dungeon Helper tool from both attackers and publishers, stripping some of the functionality of dungeons. The reason for that is that with the newly added scouting function, attackers no longer have a specific need to dig themselves out of sand/gravel or to re-place misplaced levers.

However, we realize that some creators want to incorporate elements such as digging for treasure or creatively reusing the same lever over and over again into their dungeons, so we are going to provide them with a few unique items for the redstone shop.

  • Sand Digger, Gravel Digger & Lever Digger will be added to the redstone shop, which can be placed into chests or given to mobs. Upon pickup, the attacker can use those items to destroy sand, gravel & key levers respectively. The Lever Digger will work the same way as the Dungeon Helper used to in terms of removing levers: Only key levers that were placed by the attacker can be removed, and they will drop key levers again upon destruction.

The split of the Dungeon Helper's previous functions into separate tools should allow creators much more freedom in planning their dungeon, since it is now up to them to decide at which stage an attacker will be allowed to break which kinds of blocks.

In the future, we are planning to add a pickaxe that destroys endstone, which can then be freely placed by attackers when mined, but due to Minecraft's restrictions in adventure mode, that'll have to wait for a while.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!
These changes are now live.

  • When attacking a level 3 or higher dungeon, players will start in spectator mode allowing them to scout the dungeon they're attacking first. When ready to attack, they can type /spawn to begin the raid. /spawn can no longer be used to teleport back to the dungeon spawn. Players who /forfeit while scouting will still lose their attack gold & 100 honor. Once the attack has begun, players cannot go back into spectator mode until they /forfeit and re-attempt the dungeon.
  • The void will now kill players when publishing a dungeon. Regular attackers will still be respawned though.
  • The Dungeon Helper tool will also be removed for attackers.
  • The list of available dungeons in the /attack menu will be increased from 9 to 27, allowing players to better spot valuable offers without having to grind through the mediocre ones first.
  • Quartz pillars will be added to the premium shop.
  • Building materials (and premium materials) will now be free. However, the cost of redstone mechanisms and mobs, as well as battle gear will be increased by a lot. This is to bring building materials to the same level as cobblestone, which is currently free due to cobblestone generators. Items that are available in the shop are still impossible to be crafted by hand.
  • When successfully clearing a dungeon, you will now receive a copy of the players' head whose dungeon you just cleared. You can put it up in your dungeon as a trophy for example.
  • Dungeons in the /attack menu will now show a clearance rate in percent, outlining how easy/difficult a dungeon is. (moved to later update)
  • When logging in, the system will inform you about any successful/unsuccessful attacks against your dungeon while you were offline. (moved to later update)
  • Commands in notification messages will be highlighted in yellow, to make them more obvious to newer players.
  • Level 1 players no longer have an attack...
It's this time of the month again.

On June 30th, around 8pm server time, every players' honor will be reset back to 0, and their best honor score will be noted in their profile. Note that the honor reset does not affect Mythic Survival kills, Dungeon shields or any other server-specific stats.

The top 10 players of June will also receive a free Premium Membership for July, depending on their placement on the leaderboards.

NOTE: Players who do not have an account on this website will not be eligible to have their account upgraded, and no one will be upgraded in their place.


In addition to that, the following changes will be made to the Honor system, Leaderboards and voting:
  • Voting will now yield 200 honor per vote cast, instead of 1,000 honor. This is because we added more websites to vote on, and we don't want to exclude players who forget voting on a couple days from having a shot at getting to the top of the leaderboards. The total honor you can get for voting per day is now 1,000 as you can vote on 5 sites in total.
  • Voting will now also yield 2 credits per vote cast, meaning you can get 10 free credits per day. An alert will be added to the credit store.
  • Your stats will no longer display legacy Speed Survival stats, but will instead display successful dungeon defenses & attacks (they have been recorded since day 1, but not been displayed, so they will be 100% accurate). This will make it possible for you to determine how many players failed to attack your dungeon .while you were offline, for instance. However, a mail system will be added to Dungeons soon (more on that in the next update draft, coming up tomorrow).