Server Rules

In order to keep the general population of HCMCPVP happy and ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves whilst playing on our servers, we have compiled a short list of rules & guidelines for you to follow.

These rules are designed to keep the majority happy, and therefore we do not appreciate anyone breaking them. A rule-break will be punished by an in-game ban, often temporary, but permanent on occasion, depending on the severity of the act.

If you feel you've been unfairly banned by staff, you may open a Support Ticket and request a review of your ban. Please note that we have a zero tolerance policy for cheaters & hackers.

Bans are active across all gamemodes.

General Server Rules

The following rules apply to all HCMCPVP gamemodes.
  1. Advertising
    It is prohibited for any player to advertise in any public in-game chat. As advertising is considered any message sent with the intention to either a) lead players to play on a server/game not provided by HCMCPVP or any of its partners or b) lead players to content produced by the advertiser, including but not limited to YouTube channels, affiliate links, etc. A player is allowed to advertise in private chat (e.g. /whisper), as long as not more than 3 other players are messaged within one hour.
  2. Spamming
    A player may not send the same message, or a message of similar meaning, multiple times in public chat without good reason. It is furthermore prohibited to use external tools that allow for quicker sending of similar messages, or using hotkeys/macros to achieve said goal. It is also prohibited to spam commands, regardless of their function.
  3. Vulgar Language
    A player may not use offensive, sexually explicit or suggestive language in public in-game chat. It is allowed to use any kind of language in private chat, if and only if the recipient of the message does not mind. This is a report-only offense, meaning that players using vulgar language will only be punished if someone feels uncomfortable and decides to report it using the Support Ticket System.
  4. Hacking/Cheating
    It is forbidden for any player to use any kind of third-party addon, tool, or mod, that allows them to gain any kind of advantage over other players in gameplay-relevant sections of the server. Examples of such tools include but are not limited to: XRay, forcefield, auto-hit, auto-dig and cave finder. Quality of life mods, such as inventory organizers, mini-maps (without player tracking & cave finding) or auto-gear, are allowed. HCMCPVP has a zero tolerance policy for hackers, and will always inflict a permanent ban if caught.
  5. Account Sharing
    Players are not allowed to share account information of any nature (Minecraft or otherwise), including but not limited to usernames & e-mail addresses in combination with otherwise secret information including but not limited to passwords, secret question answers and dates of birth, with other members of the HCMCPVP community in any HCMCPVP-owned text channels, including but not limited to in-game chat, forums & the HCMCPVP discord. Violating this rule will result in a ban not shorter than 30 days.
  6. Disrespecting Staff
    HCMCPVP staff are here to help and ensure that everyone is behaving the way they should. When in-game, please be sure not to interfere with the staff's dealings, or ask unimportant questions. We are always here to help you either on Discord, or on the forums. For important issues, please use the Support Ticket System.
The rules may be changed and expanded without announcement. Respective in-game authorities may ban you for any reason, even if a matching rule isn't listed here, so be polite. Bans are active on all gamemodes.