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Our Servers

?? Online Players

Hardcore PvP

No rules! Custom plugins to enhance PvP experience, such as better enchantments! Raid, kill, steal, grief anywhere!

?? Online Players

Team Deathmatch

Hardcore PvP Action 24/7! No need to gather supplies or craft, just join the server, choose a class and FIGHT!

?? Online Players


Gather supplies, hide in a shelter, find the panic room and run from the infections - or become one yourself!

Latest News

  • [GLOBAL] First Part of Website Migration completed.
    Hello users,

    I just completed the first part of the website migration. You may be wondering why this is happening and what's going to come next, so I'll tell you. ...

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  • Credit Store Changed
    The Credit Store has now been updated.

    Following changes apply: ...

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  • Done with updates
    Due to multiple reasons and partly other projects I'm now done with updates for a while.

    I also won't be ingame much from now on, not at all most likely. I'll still watch the console and browse the forums but that's about it. ...

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Minecraft Server Status

Unknown - Minecraft.net
Unknown - Minecraft Login
Unknown - Minecraft Sessions
Unknown - Minecraft Skins
Unknown - Mojang Accounts


If the Session Server is Slow, logging in to a server takes long or might not work at all.
If the Session Server is Offline, you won't be able to join any Minecraft server.

We have no control over these servers, so in case one or more are Offline or Slow, you'll need to wait it out.

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