Royal Arena

Royal Arena
Fight other players in an epic 1v1 strategic showdown. Mine gold to pay your monsters, so that they attack the enemy for you! Why fight yourself if you can let Skeletons, Zombies, Vindicators (and many more) do the job for you? (inspired by Clash Royale)


Royal Arena

PvP in Minecraft has evolved. A small faction of Steves & Alexes has decided that physical combat was beneath them. Instead, they use their hard-earned gold to pay monster mercenaries to attack their enemies.

Clash Royale in Minecraft!

This game mode is based off of the popular mobile game "Clash Royale". Those who play CR, will find Royal Arena very easy to understand.

Never-before-seen Gameplay!

Instead of fighting yourself, you mine gold and pay monsters to attack the enemy fort. If you defeat the enemy's King Skeleton, or the enemy player themselves, you win!

Join the fight yourself!

If you feel the monsters aren't doing the job for you, you can join the fight yourself and bash in the enemy team's head! But be aware that your health does not regenerate in this mode!

Spectate others' matches!

While waiting for your match to begin, you can spectate other people's matches and learn from their strategies! Never before in Minecraft has spectating been almost as fun as playing yourself!