BOSSES: What You Need To Know!

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    Bosses have been in the game for quite some time now, but up until this point, there was no guide telling you everything about them.

    In this post, I will outline the different bosses that exist, and how to consistently beat them for that sweet loot!

    Currently, there are four bosses in the game, and each one of them drops their own special Mythic item:
    • Seething Rage, drops Wrath's Fire
    • Frosting Storm, drops Skystorm
    • Corrupted Wisp, drops Nature's Grace
    • Warden of Earth, drops Earth's Final Stand
    These items are also all available for purchase using credits in our store, so if you want to know what they do, you should head there and check them out! It should be noted however, that items dropped from bosses are unbreakable, but items bought from the store are not. Other than that, they have the exact same abilities.

    Summoning Bosses

    Before you can even think about getting that sweet loot, you need to think about how to get to fight the boss in the first place! Bosses don't simply spawn around the world like regular mobs. They require you to find and use certain summoning items to spawn the boss and challenge them for a fight.

    Acquiring these items varies from boss to boss, so here's a quick overview:
    • Essence of Rage: Summons Seething Rage. Dropped from Volatile Anger, which can be found in desert biomes and looks like chainmail armor on fire.
    • Essence of Storm: Summons Frosting Storm. Dropped from Chilling Breeze, which can be found in plains while it is raining. They generate explosion-like effects around them.
    • Wisp in a Bottle: Summons Corrupted Wisp. Can be found in any naturally generated chest, just like any other special item.
    • Essence of Earth: Summons Warden of Earth. Dropped by Earth Guard, which can be found in mesa biomes and looks like a skeleton surrounded by an earth aura. Can also be purchased from the store.
    Once you've acquired one of these items, it becomes time to prepare yourself for the boss fight. Every boss requires a different set of skills, so read on ahead to find out what you're in for!

    Boss Tactics

    Seething Rage

    Seething Rage is probably the easiest boss out of all four. It has a gigantic body & hitbox, so a skilled player can easily trap it in a man-made structure and begin to chip away its hitpoints. However, it should be noted that bosses will regenerate back to full health if left alone for too long!

    This boss can also be engaged in combat very efficiently, even with multiple players. It has three abilities the players need to keep track of:
    • Pull Quake: Seething Rage will pull all nearby players towards it and create a powerful explosion after a short delay.
    • Fire Volley: Seething Rage will strike far away players with a powerful lightning blast.
    • Consume Health: Seething Rage will pull all nearby players towards it and drain their health after a short delay, allowing it to regenerate.
    While fighting Seething Rage, the players need to constantly watch the chat to see which ability the boss is going to cast next, and position themselves correctly. In order to escape Pull Quake and Consume Health fast enough, it is advised to bring ender pearls.

    Since Seething Rage's abilities are mostly fire-themed, it is also advised to bring lots of fire resistance potions for everyone. In addition to that, the player tanking the boss' melee hits should wear proper armor, and have enough spare armor with them. Magic Stew and regeneration potions are always good to have as well.

    Frosting Storm

    Frosting Storm is very similar to Seething Rage, also having a big body & hitbox, making it possible for players to construct a boss trap. Similarly to Seething Rage, Frosting Storm has three abilities the players need to keep track of:
    • Throw Victims: Frosting Storm will throw all nearby players far up in the sky.
    • Spawn Frost Minions: Frosting Storm will spawn a couple Frost Minions for every nearby player.
    • Consume Health: Same ability as Seething Rage.
    As the abilities already suggest, bringing a water bucket to counteract the throw into the air is advisable. If water is not an option, or if you lack timing, you should position yourself under a tree/roof when the ability is cast.

    Frost Minions will spawn for every nearby player, and they hit very hard once spawned. If fighting as a team, it is very important to coordinate properly, because if only a few players stay too close to Frosting Storm, it can result in a legion of minions.

    Corrupted Wisp

    Corrupted Wisp is a very interesting and unique boss, because it is completely immobile, and is always spawned at the summoner's current location, making it possible to construct the perfect arena to battle Corrupted Wisp in, and then summon it at the position of your choice.

    The challenge with this boss is not the fight itself, but the preparation. If you build the perfect arena, you will have nothing to worry about, but if you miss one small detail, it may cost you the game.

    Corrupted Wisp has 6 abilities that you will need to take into account when building your arena:
    • Pulsate Death Lightning (passive): Strikes players that are too far away with a powerful lightning bolt every second.
    • Pulsate Near Damage (passive): Periodically damages nearby players for a small amount of hearts and knocks them back slightly. The damaging aspect of this effect cannot be countered by Earth's Final Stand.
    • Wisp Missile: Launches a missile that chases nearby players. Upon impact, a Nature Warrior will be summoned.
    • Consumption: Corrupted Wisp will consume every living Nature Warrior within range and regenerate for a substantial amount of health for each Nature Warrior consumed.
    • Call of Nature: The Wisp will summon two Nature Warriors for every nearby player.
    In order to beat this boss, absolute coordination and planning is necessary. Once Nature Warriors have been summoned, they need to be killed as quickly as possible, to prevent the boss from regenerating any health.

    Players should bring regeneration potions to counteract the constant damage the boss applies, as well as enough Magic Stew to deal with the high damage output of the Nature Warriors.

    The Lightning Spell can be of great use, if the boss' knockback is too strong and you need to get to the Nature Warriors quickly. If possible, Earth's Final Stand would be preferred though.

    Warden of Earth

    Warden of Earth is probably the most difficult boss, because it is almost impossible to approach him with any sort of strategy, as his destructive nature very often forces you into situations you couldn't have planned for.

    He has two abilities, but those two hit very hard:
    • Assistance of Earth: Launches a missile at every nearby player. Upon impact, three Earthlings will be summoned.
    • Pulsating Quake: The Warden initiates a series of explosions, each one stronger than the previous. Afterwards, he teleports to a random player. Upon reaching 50% health, this ability also pulls players towards the Warden for every explosion.
    The combination of these two abilities make constructing an arena for him extremely difficult, as it would not only have to be explosion-proof, but also provide enough room to outrun the missiles and deal with any Earthlings, should they spawn.

    Fighting him in the open world can be just as terrifying, as his large explosions will severely deform the terrain, and put you at a big disadvantage.

    Players fighting him are suggested to bring Frost & Illusion spells, in order to slow & distract the Earthlings, should they spawn.

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