Dungeons & Heroes Reveal Video #1 Is Out! (+Reveal Schedule)

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    Hey all,

    I just uploaded the first in a series of upcoming reveal videos for the game Dungeons & Heroes!

    In the video, I show you the Knight's skills and talk a little bit about some of the game mechanics you can expect to see when playing the game.

    Here's the full video:

    From now on, there will be one video every Sunday at 6pm UK time (1pm Eastern Time). Here's the reveal schedule and some hints as to what you will see:
    • April 22nd 2018: Knight Skills & Basic Mechanics (click here to watch)
    • April 29th 2018: Reaper & Rat Grunts (click here to watch)
    • May 6th 2018: Speedy Rat & Shadow Rat
    • May 13th 2018: Cyclops Wizard
    • May 20th 2018: Alarming Treant
    • May 27th 2018: The White Knight
    • June 3rd 2018: Wraith Mage & Night Prowler
    • June 10th 2018: Speedy Treant & Freezing Treant
    • June 17th 2018: Holy Wizard & Shadow Wizard
    • June 24th 2018: Ravaging Hound
    This list will be extended as time goes on. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and ring the bell to get a ticket in the notification lottery and perhaps be notified whenever a new reveal video drops.
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