Dungeons 'Trophies' Update (January 3rd, 2018)

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    Hey all,

    2018 is here and it's finally happening! The update you've all been waiting for is right around the corner: The Trophies Update!

    There are going to be many changes & additions in this update, including the way Dungeons as a whole works. Bear with me as this list is going to be a bit longer than expected!

    These changes are now live.

    Trophies: A New Way of Matchmaking

    Trophies are the new way of ranking Dungeons (as opposed to player level). Here's how they work:
    • Everyone starts with 0 trophies.
    • Successful attacks & defenses yield any amount between 1-100 trophies.
    • Losses on attack & defense deduct that same amount from your total trophies.*
    • When searching for dungeons using /attack, the system tries to show you other dungeons close to your trophy amount.
    • Dungeons in the /attack list are now sorted, based on how close they are to your trophy count. Note that they are NOT sorted based on how many trophies they could give you!
    • You can not find any dungeons that have more than 500 trophies more or less than you.
    • The standard trophy exchange amount for players of equal trophy count is 50.
    • You can not fall below 0 trophies.
    • Trophies are not reset and the end of the month (as opposed to honor).
    *special rules apply if a player is below 500 total trophies, they will lose a bit less than the winner gains. This is the way trophies are introduced to the system.

    Return to 2015 Combat Update

    Dungeons v1.6.0 brings back the old Minecraft 1.8 combat mechanics, as was announced in the Return to 2015 news post. These are the changes that will apply to Dungeons:
    • Weapon cooldown will be removed
    • Right-clicking with a sword will automatically add a shield to your off-hand*
    • Blocking with a shield will no longer block arrows
    • Shields can no longer be crafted or otherwise be obtained in-game*
    • Swords can no longer sweep
    • Fishing rods will regain their old abilities from 1.8
    • Armor attributes will be reverted to 1.8
    • Snowballs, eggs & enderpearls will regain their knockback
    • Projectile trajectories will no longer be random
    • The off-hand slot will be disabled*
    *only visibly relevant if playing on 1.9+

    Please keep in mind that even though the combat mechanics are going to be those of Minecraft 1.8, the recommended version to play on HCMCPVP as of today is still 1.12.2, as this will allow you to properly see new mobs & blocks that were added or changed after 1.8.

    However, there will be no more gameplay affecting differences between the versions 1.8 and 1.12.2, so which one you choose to play on is entirely up to you.

    Other Changes
    • Dungeon loot is now 10% of a player's total gold (as opposed to 25%)
    • You can now attack without losing your shield, if remaining shield time is less than 4 hours
    • Daily bonus gold has been removed
    • Every third dungeon you attack (not beat) will award you bonus gold. This bonus can be granted up to 10 times a day and increases based on your trophy count. Dungeons that are left using /forfeit will not count towards that total.
    • Slime blocks have been added to the redstone shop
    • Attacks no longer cost gold, and defenders no longer gain gold on a successful defense
    • Items obtained using the /tools command now have Efficiency X (as opposed to Efficiency V)
    The Future of Dungeons & Easter 2018

    There is one more planned update for Dungeons to be released later this year, which will introduce Dungeons' very own leaderboards to the website, based on players' trophy counts. However, I will focus on the other game modes first, especially Warfronts and Epidemic, so Dungeons will get its love later, probably after Easter.

    Speaking of Easter, there will be a number of events taking place on HCMCPVP as real world holidays are happening, and Easter is going to be the first one of those. Stay tuned for more info as April approaches!


    I hope you all had a very good transition to the new year and are looking forward to playing the new & improved Dungeons game mode!

    As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.
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