HCMCPVP plugins to be available for download April 2019!

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    Hey everyone,

    it's been no secret that with the development of Heroes of Fortunia well on its way, I haven't been able to give quite as much love to the servers as I used to. However, as I've previously stated to certain individual players on the servers, I have no intent of shutting the servers down as long as there are still players interested in playing.

    Still, the decline due to the lack of advertising is noticeable, and the lack of content may be a bit of an issue even for the players who are still playing. So I've come up with a plan for the future that is supposed to be some sort of middle ground, which will allow the servers to keep running but also provide an alternative for the players who've seen it all and are just looking for more HCMCPVP-like content.

    Here's what's going to happen!

    In the near future, I will update the servers to Minecraft version 1.13. This will bring a small amount of bugfixes and quality of life improvements with it, but no major content updates. This will be the last major update (outside of bugfixes) the servers will receive. I have no exact date for that yet, but you can expect it to happen by the end of the year.

    Support for the servers will cease in March 2019. This does NOT mean that the servers will be shut down, but you will no longer be able to purchase Credits with real money, I will no longer provide support in-game or on Discord, and no further updates (including bugfixes) will be made to the servers. The servers will still run, and you will still be able to earn Credits by other means, such as voting.

    In April 2019, together with the release of Heroes of Fortunia, I will release all of HCMCPVP's plugins and their source code to download for free on GitHub. This includes:
    • HcmcCore: The backend plugin required for all the following plugins to work. Provides the score board to the right and some miscellaneous functionality.
    • MythicSurvival*: The main plugin in the Mythic Survival game mode. Provides all the special items, spawn protection, warp commands, player statistics, etc.
    • Dungeons*: The main plugin in the Dungeons game mode. Includes the shop, dungeon building/attacking mechanic, ranking system, etc.
    • MinecraftArena*: The main plugin for the now defunct Royal Arena gamemode.
    *these plugins require additional files (e.g. specific worlds) to work, which will be provided for you to download as well.

    In order for these plugins to work on other Minecraft servers, I will have to make a number of modifications to them, which is why they will only be released once the development of Heroes of Fortunia has been completed. It goes without saying that, in case the development of Heroes of Fortunia is delayed for whatever reason, the release of the plugins will also be delayed.

    Once the plugins are released, I will publish another post specifying how to use them and what you can and can't do with them. But even after that happens, there are no plans to shut down the servers, unless no one wants to play on them anymore.

    All that's left to say now is thank you all for your support and dedication. It's been an incredible ride over the past 6 years and I feel like it's helped me grow not just as a server admin but also as a game developer. I think that being able to interact with the community on such a close level is extremely important, and it is definitely something that I plan on continuing once Heroes of Fortunia has released.

    By the way, if any of you fancy to test out that new game, head on over to this page right here to sign up for the first ever closed beta test, which is scheduled to begin on November 23rd!

    See you on the flipside! :)

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