HCMCPVP Server Updates (Jan 20th, 2018)

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    Hey all,

    today there will be some updates focusing mainly on bugfixes and quality of life improvements across all game modes.

    These changes are now live.

    Mythic Survival v1.6.1
    • Fixed a bug causing players to always cap at their special item loot increase. Loot boost is now handled correctly once again, with normal players capping at 50%, VIP at 100%, MASTER at 250% and ELITE at 400%.
    • Bounty & Loot Boost are now displayed in the score board.
    • Some sources of special items now have a minimum rarity applied to them, as opposed to a flat rarity increase. This includes but isn't limited to bosses and loot boxes. See the end of this post for details.
    • Herobrine's Sword no longer has the "Sweeping Edge V" enchantment applied to it, as it became useless in v1.6.0 (this only affects newly looted copies of the item, previous ones will remain unchanged)
    Dungeons v1.6.2
    • The shop now includes all dyed variants of wool, which were previously uncraftable.
    • The scoreboard has been adapted to be in line with that of the other game modes, now also displaying honor and credits.
    • The /help menu has been tweaked a little, to better separate attack commands from building commands.
    • The help manual has been changed to correctly reflect the changes made in v1.6.0, specifically those related to trophies.
    • Player heads are now a premium-only feature.
    General Changes
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the scoreboard to flicker occasionally when changes to honor or credits would happen.
    • Revamped the scoreboard look to occupy less screen space and be more readable.
    • All store items can now be accessed in-game via a gui, by using the /store command. Note that this will only list items relevant to the current game mode.
    • Players can now purchase premium memberships in-game, by using the /premium command. Memberships can either be purchased for one month at a time, or for lifetime. See the store for all premium benefits.
    More details on the Mythic Survival loot changes:
    Previously, when receiving loot from special sources such as bosses or loot boxes, in order to ensure players would always receive a special item, the system would select a random item based on a faux bounty buff.

    For reference, the default chances for a special item to appear in any chest are as follows:
    • Uncommon: 25%
    • Rare: 5%
    • Epic: 2%
    • Legendary: 0.1%
    In conclusion: The chance to receive ANY special item per chest (without loot boost) would be 25% + 5% + 2% + 0.1% = 32.1%

    When looting a source that was supposed to always give out a special item, it would mimic a player with a high bounty buff, such as 4x, which would increase your total loot chance to 128.4%. To be clearer: This would change the chances of an item appearing as follows:
    • Uncommon: 100%
    • Rare: 20%
    • Epic: 8%
    • Legendary: 0.4%
    (higher rarity items are always prioritized)

    While this would ensure that a special item is always produced, it would also increase the quality of the special item, which was not intentional.

    Now, those sources have a 'minimum rarity' specification, which does not modify the individual rarity chances, but instead generates an item of the specified minimum rarity, should the initial generation fail. This mechanism comes into play when opening loot boxes and defeating bosses.

    Regular loot boxes now contain one special item with minimum rarity "rare", and four others with minimum rarity "uncommon", while mega loot boxes contain one with minimum rarity "legendary" instead of rare.

    Bosses now drop all special items with minimum rarity "uncommon", except for Warden of Earth, which also drops one item with minimum rarity "legendary".

    These drop rates are not affected by loot boost.
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