Lots of Dungeons & Heroes Reveals Coming Soon!

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    Hey all,

    as you may have noticed, I haven't uploaded a reveal video in quite some time. That's not because I haven't been working on the game (because I have been!), but because I've had some issues with uploading recently. I'll be back in Germany starting this Thursday, which is when you will be able to expect all of the videos I've missed as well as a very special one on top of that!

    To clarify, here is the new updated reveal schedule:
    • April 22nd 2018: Knight Skills & Basic Mechanics (click here to watch)
    • April 29th 2018: Reaper & Rat Grunts (click here to watch)
    • May 6th 2018: Speedy Rat & Shadow Rat (click here to watch)
    • May 13th 2018: Cyclops Wizard (click here to watch)
    • June 2nd 2018: Alarming Treant & The White Knight
    • June 3rd 2018: Archer & Night Prowler
    • June 10th 2018: Holy Wizard & Shadow Wizard
    • June 17th 2018: Speedy Treant & Freezing Treant
    • June 24th 2018: Wraith Mage & Ravaging Hound
    What exactly has changed? Well, for those who can't recognize the changes in the list: Alarming Treant & White Knight will be revealed on May 30th & May 31st respectively, and on June 3rd instead of Wraith Mage & Night Prowler, I will be revealing the Archer & Night Prowler. The Archer is actually going to be the second playable hero in the game, so you will be getting some brand new gameplay in addition to a minion reveal!

    As of right now, the Archer is already fully playable and is only missing custom skills & effects. I'll be recording the video for him shortly!

    As you all know, Dungeons & Heroes is scheduled to release a singleplayer demo in July this year! Let me use this as an opportunity to tell you a little bit more about that demo you'll be getting:
    • There will be one level you can complete from start to finish.
    • You can rewatch replays of past attempts on that level. (that mechanic will be similar to the final one that will be in the game on release)
    • You can play as the Knight only.
    • There will only be minions in that demo (no traps, although trap reveals are set to begin in July!)
    • The demo version will be available for Windows only.
    • The demo version won't be optimized and won't have graphics settings (so it'll probably run slower on low-end PCs & laptops)
    I hope you all are excited to get your hands on Dungeons & Heroes as much as I am making it. Until then, I hope you are also looking forward towards the new Mythic Survival update coming soon!
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