Many Mythic Items Coming to Mythic Survival!

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    These changes are not live yet. They will be live sometime in June.

    Hey all,

    I am currently working on a new Mythic Survival update, which is going to be fairly big! In this new update, every legendary item is going to get a mythic counterpart, which acts slightly differently than its legendary version.

    Over the next few weeks, I'll be revealing one item at a time, so be sure to check this post regularly to be informed of new changes! I'll be revealing new items in the same rhythm as I'm revealing Dungeons & Heroes content, that is every Sunday at 6pm UK time.

    To kick things off, here is a list of item names and the first three (actually more like 2.5) items that are confirmed:
    • Spellbook (Spirit Reap): ??? (counterpart to Spellbook (Spiritwalk))
    • Possession Engine: Right Click: Take control of a random monster in the same world until you die. This triggers a 3-minute combat tag and cannot be used while combat tagged. (counterpart to Mob Spawner)
    • Unholy Totem: If this is in your inventory when you kill another player, you get to open their ender chest and this gets destroyed. (counterpart to Totem of Safekeeping)
    • Mythic Warp Token: Increase your warp limit by 1, up to a maximum of 50. Must be at 30 warps or more to use this item. (counterpart to Legendary Warp Token)
    • Essence of Death: Right Click: Throw this item. If it hits another player, they add it to their inventory. While this is in your inventory, your maximum health is 1/2 hearts. (counterpart to Essence of Life)
    • Herobrine's Scythe: ??? (counterpart to Herobrine's Sword)
    • Shadow Archer's Bow: Now obtainable. (counterpart to Voidforged Bow)
    • Tome of Arcane Annihilation: Increase your Arcanology skill by 1, up to a maximum of 30. Can only be used when at Arcanology level 10 or higher. (counterpart to Tome of Arcane Knowledge)
    Are you ready to get your hands on these crazy items soon!? Be sure to watch the news forums regularly to find out how you can get them!

    One last thing: Rewards for the easter event are going to be handed out this Sunday!
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