Mythic Survival 'Arcanology' Update v1.6.5

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    These changes are now live.

    Hey all,

    it's not the full professions update yet, but spellbooks have already been revamped!

    Here's the full details of the changes in this update:

    Special Item Changes
    • Easter Egg: New rare item. Available only during the Easter Feast (all of April) of each year. Right Click: Add 10 credits to your account and increase your event score by 1. This item cannot be used outside of the Easter Feast.
    • Spellstone: Removed. Clicking an existing Spellstone will transform it into Depleted Spellstone, which is purely a novelty item. Players with existing Spellstones will not receive a replacement for any Spellbooks they used on it.
    • All Spellbooks: Changed so that they are now usable by themselves. Spellbooks have 5 charges, after which they are depleted and are destroyed. Right-Clicking with an old Spellbook in hand *should* transform it into its newer counterpart.
    • Tome of Arcane Knowledge: New legendary item. Right Click: Increase your Arcanology skill by 1, up to a maximum of 10. This greatly empowers spellbook power, duration & damage.
    • Totem of Safekeeping: New legendary item. If this is in your inventory when you die, you get to keep its contents and this gets destroyed.*
    • Overcharged Ender Pearl: Removed. Existing copies will transform into Totem of Safekeeping when clicked in the inventory.
    *note that if you happen to have multiple totems in your inventory upon dying, all of them will be destroyed. Totems do not activate if they are inside shulker boxes.

    As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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