Mythic Survival 'Return to 2015' Update v1.6.0 & Polishing! (Jan. 14th 2018)

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    Hey all,

    the time has finally come to revert Mythic Survival back to how Minecraft was in 2015. This update is going to apply the changes outlined in the Return to 2015 post, as well as make some changes to special items to make sure they are in line with the new (old) combat system.

    In addition to the changes for Mythic Survival, there will be some other quality of life changes coming to HCMCPVP, to get ready for the reopening of the shop, which will be very soon I hope! (more on that at the end of the post)

    These changes are now live.

    Special Items

    The following changes will be made to special items:
    • Shield of Valhalla: Will be removed.
    • Elytra: Will be removed. Vanilla versions of the item will become defunct.
    • Totem of Undying: Removed.
    • Rocky's Rock-Hard Chestplate: New legendary chestplate. Protection X, Unbreaking X diamond chestplate, gives you permanent resistance whilst equipped.
    • Herobrine's Sword & Voidforged Bow: No longer unbreakable. Instead, they will have Unbreaking V.
    • Magic Stew: New uncommon consumable item. Instantly restores 2 hearts. Can be crafted using a bowl, a mushroom (doesn't matter if red or grey), and a gold ingot. Can also be looted from chests & mobs, just like any other item.
    • Mystic Scrambler: Now reads "drag any legendary item on top of this while it is in your inventory to convert it into another legendary item".
    Existing copies of Shield of Valhalla will automatically transform to Rocky's Rock-Hard Chestplate if clicked in your inventory. Likewise, existing Herobrine Swords, Voidforged Bows and Mystic Scramblers will be changed the same way.

    Return to 2015 Changes

    In order to make Mythic Survival adopt the previous combat mechanics, the following changes will be made to the game mode:
    • Weapon cooldown will be removed
    • Right-clicking with a sword will automatically add a shield to your off-hand
    • Blocking with a shield will no longer block arrows
    • Shields can no longer be crafted or otherwise be obtained in-game
    • Swords can no longer sweep
    • Fishing rods will regain their old abilities from 1.8
    • Armor attributes will be reverted to 1.8
    • Snowballs, eggs & enderpearls will regain their knockback
    • Projectile trajectories will no longer be random
    • The off-hand slot will be disabled
    • Brewing stands will be automatically filled with blaze powder
    • Elytra will be removed
    Other Changes
    • Loot Boxes and Mega Loot Boxes will no longer contain just one item, but 5 items, with the contents being at least one rare or better and at least one legendary respectively.
    • Players can no longer set warps in the nether and the end (including /sethome), but can still access warps they have set previously in these dimensions. Existing warps will be removed in a future update, so please move your valuables into the overworld promptly. This is due to an upcoming world update that will reset the nether & end. Those two dimensions will also receive their own custom table for special items, more on that soon. (moved to a later update)
    General HCMCPVP Changes
    • When playing a game mode that has no custom scoreboard (such as Mythic Survival), players will now see a general overview of their account, including membership status, honor & credits.
    • Signs in the hub & at Mythic Survival's spawn have been replaced by holograms. (was about time, eh?)
    • New commands: /honor, /discord, /credits, /premium
      (these are mainly intended to be used on game modes that don't have the HCMCPVP scoreboard, such as Dungeons, but can be used anywhere)
    • The /unlink command has been removed, as you will no longer need to link your Minecraft account to your website account.
    Dungeons Changes
    • The shop and the /attack menu now have proper headers, instead of "Chest".
    Reopening of the Store

    The development of the new store is completed. All that's left is for the payment processor to give us the green light so I can enable credit purchases. No idea when that will happen yet though. The shop will be opened within the coming days regardless, though credits might not be able to be purchased yet.

    As soon as credits will be able to be purchased, there will be a 70% sale!
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