Mythic Survival "The Final Boss" Update v1.8.0!

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    These changes are not live yet. They will be live on June 22nd 2018.

    Hey all,

    today is the day I'm revealing the entirety of the remaining new mythic items coming to Mythic Survival in June! The set release date for all of these is June 22nd, but depending on how fast/slow I am this may be a bit earlier or later.

    To recap, these are the new mythic items that are coming to the game:
    • Spellbook (Spirit Reap): Right Click: Launch a projectile which puts the victim player into spiritwalk (spectator) mode upon impact, after which they die. During spiritwalk, they can possess other players and latch on to them during teleport, but they cannot teleport themselves. Increasing your Arcanology skill increases projectile speed & range. (counterpart to Spellbook (Spiritwalk))
    • Possession Engine: Right Click: Take control of a random monster in the same world until you die. This triggers a 3-minute combat tag and cannot be used while combat tagged. (counterpart to Mob Spawner)
    • Unholy Totem: If this is in your inventory when you kill another player, you get to open their ender chest and this gets destroyed. (counterpart to Totem of Safekeeping)
    • Mythic Warp Token: Increase your warp limit by 1, up to a maximum of 50. Must be at 30 warps or more to use this item. (counterpart to Legendary Warp Token)
    • Essence of Death: Right Click: Throw this item. If it hits another player, they add it to their inventory. While this is in your inventory, your maximum health is 1/2 hearts. (counterpart to Essence of Life)
    • Herobrine's Scythe: Unbreakable Diamond Hoe. Right Click: Remove all positive potion effects from other nearby players and give them slowness & wither. (counterpart to Herobrine's Sword)
    • Shadow Archer's Bow: Now obtainable. (counterpart to Voidforged Bow)
    • Tome of Arcane Annihilation: Increase your Arcanology skill by 1, up to a maximum of 30. Can only be used when at Arcanology level 10 or higher. (counterpart to Tome of Arcane Knowledge)
    But now, let's get to the interesting part!

    How to obtain these new items?

    The short answer is: All bosses now have a chance to drop these items.

    And here's the long answer. Previously, every boss would have a guaranteed drop of their signature mythic item. Now, things change a bit. Loot tables are once again going to be adjusted to make older bosses a bit more viable for farming, and the mythic item algorithm changes as well.

    The exact number of special items dropped by a boss is not decided yet, but based on which boss you fight, they will have a set chance of dropping ANY mythic item (including those who were previously signature items of other bosses).

    Here's the distribution:
    • Seething Rage & Frosting Storm: 5% chance to drop a mythic item
    • Corrupted Wisp: 20% chance to drop a mythic item
    • Warden of Earth: 50% chance to drop a mythic item
    • Eric: 100% chance to drop a mythic item
    The fact that all bosses can now drop ANY mythic item also means that the recently added Garthodos' Treasure is no longer found after opening 5,000 chests, but is now a random boss drop. In addition to that, most of these mythic items are going to be added to the /store (only their non-unbreakable versions of course), though this does not apply for collectibles such as the Mythic Warp Token.

    Seething Rage & Frosting Storm are also going to get a few uncommon items added to their loot table, to make farming them a bit more interesting for those who are after things like mob eggs.

    These new mythic items should add some more interesting endgame content for the most dedicated players on the server, as well as spice things up a notch in PvP combat, with the newly added Unholy Totem and Spellbook (Spirit Reap).

    Other Changes:
    • Mythic items can now be found in chests! However, unlike all other special items, mythic items don't have a set probability at which they can appear, but are handed out based on a counter: You get your first mythic item after opening 100 chests, the next one at 250, then at 500 and finally at 1,000. After that, you get a new mythic item every 1,000 chests that you open.
    • Loot boxes & mega loot boxes are no longer placed down at spawn, but are given to you as an item which you can either give to other players or redeem whenever you see fit. Their prices will also be drastically reduced.
    • A new loot box "Mythic Loot Box" will be added to the shop, and all non-unbreakable mythic items will be removed from the shop. The mythic loot box contains 9 special items, out of which one of them is a guaranteed mythic drop. It also contains at least one epic and at least two rare special items.
    • Spiritwalk now shows a timer in your score board.
    As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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