Mythic Survival 'The Most Ambitious Miner' Update v1.7.1

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    These changes are now live.
    (delayed due to screw Windows reasons)

    Hey all,

    as previously announced, the new mythic item Steel Miner will soon become obtainable in the game!

    This update is going to revisit older bosses and take a look at how relevant boss fights are in general, as well as add more incentive for players to fight harder bosses.

    A lot has happened since the first boss, Seething Rage, was added into the game. Players came up with ingenious ideas, from building arenas to fight bosses, all the way to building custom boss farms you can afk in. While these ideas are no doubt awesome and require a lot of hard work, the idea behind bosses is to provide an ever increasing challenge in order to get the latest and greatest in terms of gear and special items.

    Therefore, in regards to bosses, the following changes will be made:
    • Seething Rage & Frosting Storm: Those two will now only drop their respective mythic item, and no additional special items. This is to still allow newer players to experience the first boss fights and get a decent reward, as well as to allow them to practice fighting against bosses, while removing the incentive for much more experienced players to farm them for cheap special items.
      This is especially necessary since these are the only two bosses which can be auto-farmed.
    • Seething Rage: The explosion no longer leaves behind fire. This is so that newer players aren't discouraged from fighting bosses should their items get destroyed.
    • Corrupted Wisp: Now drops its mythic item, one epic or better, three rare or better and six uncommon or better special items. This is to balance out the loot among bosses, since Seething Rage & Frosting Storm no longer drop extra special items.
    • Warden of Earth: Now drops its mythic item, two epic or better, five rare or better and ten uncommon or better special items.
    • Eric (New Boss): Drops his mythic item (Steel Miner), five epic or better, eight rare or better and thirteen uncommon or better special items.
    You may have noticed that no boss now has a guaranteed legendary drop. This is no longer needed, since Mystic Scrambler can now be used to convert the latest mythic item into a legendary drop.

    Speaking of which, Mystic Scrambler is also going to receive a small change. Instead of being able to be used with all mythic items, it will now only be able to be used with the latest mythic item (Steel Miner as of now). This is to further increase incentive to fight the latest & most dangerous boss, even for players who already have its mythic item, since they can always roll for another legendary, provided they have a scrambler handy.

    It is also going to make a few older boss fights, such as those versus the Wisp or the Warden more rewarding, since those now have guaranteed rare & epic drops. If there is a special item of a certain rarity you fancy, you might want to give these two another shot!

    Also, the following changes to special items will be made:
    • Essence of Rage: Now an uncommon item. Fire elementals are no longer present in deserts.
    • Essence of Storm: Now a rare item. Storm elementals are no longer present in plains during rain.
    • Wisp in a Bottle: Now a rare item.
    • Essence of Earth: Now an epic item.
    • Mystic Scrambler: Now reads: Right Click: Drag any legendary item or a "Steel Miner" on top of this item while in your inventory to convert it into another random legendary item. This item is consumed in the process.
    • Summoning Crystal: New epic item. Right Click: The crystal pulsates in a strange energy. It will surely teleport you to an unknown location. Better bring strong gear, you never know what's on the other side! (teleports you to the boss fight against Eric)
    • Steel Miner: Efficiency X, Fortune X, unbreakable Diamond Pickaxe. When mining mob spawners with this item, they will drop as regular items. Now obtainable by defeating Eric.
    These changes are being made in order to make boss fights more accessible to casual players, especially the easier ones.

    New Boss: Eric

    He is the fiercest miner of them all - or so he thinks! He wields the magnificent Steel Miner during the battle, and has a few abilities you should be aware of:
    • Mining: He stands still for a while, and then blows everything up in a huge explosion. Don't get caught in it!
    • Griefing: He puts obsidian all around you and then shoots a projectile at you that passes through walls and deals great damage. Mine your way out and escape before you get blown to bits!
    • Air Battle: He gives you and himself levitation and starts shooting fireballs at you that deal great damage. Watch where you fall afterwards!
    • Nostalgia: He summons two Defenders of Nature and then consumes them afterwards, just like the Wisp! He has a very short delay before consuming, so you better kill those quick or he will regain a lot of health!
    During the fight, he will constantly teleport towards you in order to confuse you. Also, if you get too far away from him, he will cast a powerful lightning strike on you, dealing huge amounts of damage. Oh, and you should definitely wear Earth's Final Stand when fighting him. Just trust me.

    When using the item to fight Eric, it will teleport you and him to a random location, so you cannot build an arena to fight him. You must adapt to whatever environment you are put in, a true test of survival skills!

    Good luck with the new boss!!
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