Mythic Survival v1.5.0 (Dec. 29th, 2017)

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    Hey all,

    the new version of Mythic Survival is upon us. This update brings a few changes & additions to special items, as well as some minor modifications.

    These changes are now live.

    Special Items

    The following special items have been added:
    • Spellbook (Monstrosity): Transforms you into a random monster (zombie, villager zombie, skeleton, husk or stray) and removes all aggro on cast. Other monsters will not attack you while disguised unless you attack them first. Bosses & other monsters with custom names cannot be fooled by this.
    • Spellbook (Polymoprh): Transforms all nearby monsters into chickens. Does not work on custom named monsters.
    • Spellbook (Spiritwalk): Makes you switch into spectator mode for a short time during which you can possess other players, and you leave a faint green smoke trail visible to others. If they teleport, it drags you with them. During spiritwalk, you cannot set any warps (including /sethome), teleport anywhere or let anyone else teleport to you. At the end of spiritwalk, you die.
    • Totem of Safekeeping: Lets you keep your entire inventory upon death. Cannot be obtained as of right now, but will be obtainable in the near future.
    The following changes have been made to existing special items:
    • All Spellbooks: Are no longer named 'Spellbook', but are now called 'Spellbook (Spellname)'. This may break existing spellbooks from functioning, so if you have any original spellbooks left, please put them in a chest and open a Support Ticket with the chest's coordinates, and I will replace them.
    • Tracker: Removed. Existing trackers will automatically be converted into Spiritwalk Spellbooks if clicked in the inventory.
    • Spellstone: Spellbooks can no longer be applied to stacked spellstones.
    • Spellbook (Frost Aura): Has been changed from 0.5 seconds at magnitude 1 and 5 seconds at magnitude 10, to 2 seconds at magnitude 1 and 8 seconds at magnitude 10.
    • Totem of Undying: Removed from regular dungeon chests. Existing special item versions will be automatically converted to regular totems once clicked in the inventory. Totems can still be looted from Evokers.
    • Mob Spawner: Existing Mob Essence Extractors will now be properly converted into Mob Spawners when clicked in the inventory.
    • Mythic items: Can now be dropped, placed in regular chests, placed in item frames and put on armor stands. Upon death, they will still be transported to your ender chest, or be destroyed if there is no room.
    Other Changes
    • New and returning players now have a different welcome message upon joining the server. Returning players will see a 'news' sort of message, highlighting the recent changes to the game mode, and providing a link to the full update post (e.g. this).
    • Server updated to 1.12.2
    If you happen to find any bugs you think are related to this or another update, please report them in the Support Tickets and I will get to them as soon as I can. You don't need to be registered to submit a ticket.

    As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!
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