PSA: Sharing account information on HCMCPVP is now a bannable offense.

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    Following an incident in which a player was seemingly handed a no-strings-attached Minecraft alt-account and was then stripped of their supplies, a change has been made to the HCMCPVP ruleset, rendering the sharing of account information a bannable offense, with a 30 day minimum ban time.

    The complete rule is as follows:
    If you are contacted by anyone in-game, on the forums, or on our discord, offering you account information relating to Minecraft accounts, or any other accounts, do not accept and report that offense to staff immediately, either using the Support Ticket System, or by alerting us in-game or on discord.

    This is a good time to refer you to the official HCMCPVP rules, so you don't accidentally commit a bannable offense without knowing it:

    Stay safe!

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