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    Hey all,

    today the HCMCPVP Store is finally open again! Well, sort of.

    It is fully functional for the most part, as you can select your Minecraft account and browse the various listing, but a couple things aren't quite ready yet:

    Premium Memberships

    There will be a new way of buying Premium Memberships (both temporary and permanent ones), in the way that they will be purchased using credits. I'm also planning to add a few more perks here and there to make them worth your while, so as of right now, they can not be obtained.

    Buying Credits

    This is currently only dependant on the company handling the payments. While the "Buy Credits" button exists and the system handling the payments is fully functional, they appear to be having some technical difficulties right now in terms of actually enabling the shop.

    This is what I was told:
    Basically what that means is, the button will be working at some point, if you keep clicking it hard enough ;)

    Now, what's changed?

    Comparing the new store to the old one, you can see that some things have changed a little bit.
    • No more website account linking! Just pop in your username and you're done, yay!
    • The store is only for buying credits. Everything else is handled via in-game commands that will automatically spend the credits for you. (not that this is such a big change, previously you would buy the item on the website, and then use a command; this just cuts out one click)
    • Premium Memberships are (or at least: they will be) able to be purchased using credits!
    So to summarize: If you choose to spend money on HCMCPVP, you will only ever be spending it on credits, nothing else.

    If you don't want to spend money on HCMCPVP (which is completely fine btw!), but still want those perks, there's two ways for you to do that:
    • Get a lot of honor. The top 3 players at the end of the month will receive credits now instead of free Premium. (this will only come into effect AFTER the long awaited honor reset, which will be for February btw, this time for realzies)
    • Vote vote vote! If you vote for us daily, you can get 10 credits per day. It may not seem as much, but that's about 300 credits per month! (that's already a Loot Box for Mythic Survival). Now, if some of you managed to vote on the same site multiple times a day, then that would give you even more credits ;););)
    Hope you all like the changes to the store and find them as convenient as I planned.

    As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

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