These servers are no longer supported.

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    Support for HCMCPVP has ended March 29th 2019. The servers will still remain online for the time being, however the following has changed:
    • You can no longer purchase credits using real money
    • You can no longer create an account on this website
    • You can no longer make posts in the forums (except in the news section)
    • You can no longer request support on this website, or on Discord
    • The servers will no longer be updated with bugfixes or new content
    • Seasons will no longer be reset, and seasonal rewards won't be handed out
    If you have just now joined the servers, or are a returning member and wish to get in contact with the community, you can still join HCMCPVP's Discord server, which will remain open for everyone to chat in:

    Also, check out Heroes of Fortunia, which is a game based on HCMCPVP's Dungeons game mode here on Steam:

    Heroes of Fortunia will be available for download as early access within the next few days. If you're a former HCMCPVP or Hydra Minecraft player, I'm sure you will enjoy it!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported HCMCPVP over the years, and I hope you will continue to do so in the future, albeit in a different medium. For those interested in downloading HCMCPVP's plugins and their source code, keep an eye on this website and the Discord server over the next few months, as the plugins will be released near the end of this year.
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