Votes & Rewards


Voting for the server allows us to advertise for new players to grow the community. You also get some sick in-game rewards for helping us out. Remember to bookmark this page! Thanks.

How To Vote

  1. Click on one (or multiple) of the buttons below
  2. Enter your Minecraft username
  3. Complete the captcha challenge
  4. Click Vote!
Remember to come back here daily to get more rewards!

Where To Vote


For every vote you cast, you earn 200 honor, as well as 2 credits. At the end of each month, the 10 players with the most amount of honor will receive a FREE 1 month Premium Membership. Credits can be exchanged for awesome in-game rewards and lifetime Premium! Vote on all sites daily to maximize your chances to win!

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Top Players

#1 Andi93137,505
#2 KyBrin18,707
#3 chichille_3815,576
#4 8ohmy12,124
#5 Weston_4202,800
#6 Elite_SWAGG2,158
#7 Alexloudmouth1,800
#8 Max7301,625
#9 Jbd111,609
#10 firedogie1,452


You earn honor by voting for our servers, and by participating in PvP. Honor resets at the beginning of every month, to make it fair for everyone!